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Our product allows you to connect with your doctor and discuss your problem in real time

Painless Technology

Our tool is a minimally invasive device that allows you to check your health within minutes in a simple drop of blood

Safe Remote Care

We would like to take care of you wherever you are and alert you when your health requires it

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Conventional system  complete paper cell

100 €


1 €

Painless lancet sampling

Less blood extraction

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Adrià Maceira
CEO (Cheif Executive Officer)
Dra. Marta Novell
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Dr. Pascal Blondeau
COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Dr. Francisco Andrade
CINO (Chief Innovation Officer)
Dr. Tomàs Guinovart
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)


Josep Lluis Falco
Gustavo Fuster
Pär Blanking
Industrial Designer – CDO


Dr. Francesc Maduell
Dr. Miquel Blasco
Dr. Nayra Rico
Clinical Laboratory expert
Bart Huisken
Business Development expert

Our Supporters and Collaborators



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